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Zombie Coloring Book 1 (Volume 1)


Hope you liked that tutorial, feel free to link to this all over the interwebs, write about in your diary, possibly call your grandparents and let them know how this zombie drawing tutorial made you feel inside. (I feel warm and gooey)

I start by scribbling shapes out on the page simply trying to make sure I’ve got the proportions correct. At this point don’t focus on details just simple shapes. Your zombie is going to look pretty funny if he’s got a lopsided head… actually sometimes that works. The beauty of how to draw zombies is that even when you screw up it just adds to how horrific the final zombie drawing will be.


Showing Gallery For Cute Zombie Drawings

Zombie drawings are quite fun to create. All you need to do is basically draw a character with a green skin and add a few stitches, some blood or missing body parts. Might not be a fun thing to do if you don't like horror movies, but it's usually a fun experience.