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The Book of Riley: A Zombie Tale


The warning contained in the publishers summary had me hooked, I mean what could happen in a zombie audiobook that is so offensive that it requires a warning to the end user? This coupled with the fact that I have been meaning to listen too Hugh Howey’s for some time now. I am looking forward to being offended by I, Zombie I think it will be difficult to do because I think there is a a place for gruesome zombie audiobooks, it really all stands with the narration.

I painstakingly choose Zombie Fallout: Zombie Fallout, Book 1 for several different reasons. It was a newer zombie audio book, it was the first in a series of zombie audio books, the publishers summary seemed interesting, almost feeling like a new take on the genre, it was available at , and the image on audible captured my attention. So I dove in head first without knowing what to expect except for zombies, as you know or will find out by reading more of my reviews, I am a sucker for zombies, and I was hoping for a lot of them.


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