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Zits Apocalypse: Are You Ready?


When I first got this book, I was thinking it would be a compilation (that’s my new word for today – thank you Mr. Thesaurus :) ) of Zits comic strips. I love reading Zits in the newspaper! This isn’t a bunch of comics, it’s a middle grade novel! Very cool. The novel has a bunch of great black and white illustrations throughout it. I think that Mr. Scott and Mr. Borgman did a great job changing their comic strip into an MG book. I also liked that besides lots of comic strip humor, the book had a story. It tells about how Jeremy has to deal with his girlfriend and how he wants to get to the rock concert but it also has the serious part to the plot about his friend’s mom having cancer. It made the story believable for me. It is kind of like real life. I also liked that I learned more about the characters in the Zits comic than I get just reading the strip.

Q. Hello. I am thirteen years old and really enjoy reading the Zits comic strip in the Toronto Star. I love to cartoon and I aspire to be a cartoonist. Can I ask where you got your training to become a professional cartoonist. –Jacob


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While this is a novelization and not a collection of the Zits comics, which I thought might have been a possibility, fear not, as there are a bunch of illustrations in classic Zits style. Reading books with pictures is super refreshing, because all of a sudden I read so fast. Borgman's illustrations are hilarious, largely integrated into the story, including dialog responding to the prose text, though some are sort of commentaries on the story going on around it.