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Secrets of Closing the Sale


Let Zig Ziglar teach you how to raise your kids to be winners. Learn to nurture positive self-esteem and help them rise above the negative influences of life. You can dramatically change your child’s performance by changing what goes into their mind. Zig’s philosophy is built upon unconditional love, spending quantity time, respect, and positive discipline.

In this live recording of Zig Ziglar’s classic seminar you’ll see how he has inspired millions of people to forge a path to tremendous personal, professional and financial success. This stunning seminar sets Zig apart as one of the most exciting, inspiring, and authentic motivators ever to take the stage. You’ll discover the secret to getting everything you want in life, how to be paid more, how to shield yourself from negativism and feel better about your live–every day, and much more.


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Zig Ziglar inspired and motivated me. His passing at age 86 fills me with sadness, but most of all with gratitude. He was a powerhouse on the stage, someone every speaker looked up to. I was privileged to see him speak and own some of his books.