• Zhou Zuoren.
  • Young Zhou Zuoren, republican revolutionary, Lu Xun's brother, scholar of Japanese literature
  • From Little Savages to hen kai pan: Zhou Zuoren's
  • 1885: Birth of Zhou Zuoren, Chinese writer, and young brother of Lu Xun, who died on May 6, 1967

Selected Essays of Zhou Zuoren: Chinese-English Bilingual Edition (Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature)


A letter sent to Zhou Zuoren from Junichiro Tanizaki is seen on March 24, 2015 in Beijing, China. More than 1,500 letters addressed to Zhou Zuoren (1885-1967), himself a famous writer in China who studied in Japan more than a century...

Pioneering modern Chinese children's literature, Zhou Zuoren personifies the child as an angel of peace. In his view, the child is neither an object of pedagogy nor a ward of the adult. Indeed, the child becomes an unwitting teacher and spiritual warden of the adult. He worships the innocence of childhood and believes that efforts to use a scientific approach to rectify children would be more harmful than beneficial because it would hinder the natural development of children's capacity for imagination. This paper examines the development of Zhou Zuoren's conceptualisation of childhood through analysing three of his vernacular poems.


Beyond Politics in Wartime: Zhou Zuoren, 1931-1945

Zhou Zuoren (: ; : Zhōu Zuòrén; : Chou Tso-jen) (16 January 1885-6 May 1967) was a Chinese , primarily known as an and a translator. He was the younger brother of (Zhou Shuren), the second of three brothers.