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Pocket Atlas of Pulse Diagnosis by Lin, Zhng-Hng (2007) Paperback

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Johnny needs to Zhng His Face because he needs to look the part now that he is a famous TV show personality. So he seeks the expert of his Sticker Designer, Ah Hock, so that he can look like his idol, Benedict Goh!
Podcast: the mrbrown show 4 Jan 2006: zhng my car 4 (MP3, […]

Johnny tries to zhng The Suns (formerly known as the Boredphucks), Singapore’s Greatest Rock Band. San Singer, Jboss and Wayne Thunder are given the Johnny Zhng treatment to make them the kind of band Johnny thinks they should be.
Warning! This podcast has an MA18 rating (R if you are American): Contains Crude Humor, Coarse Language […]


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