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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values


Ma non abbandoniamoci al cinismo.
Cos’è un CV funzionale?
Io l’ho scoperto attraverso un interessante e ponderoso manuale intitolato Zen and the Art of Making a Living.
Che non è neanche malaccio, dopotutto.

I keep re-reading passages from Zen and the Art and Tao of Pooh and Siddhartha and try to make sense in the context of everyday life (which is where I firmly believe any philosophical questions need to be answered - If it is not applicable in your kitchen, it is not real philosophy) and quite strangely the answers seem to come from tying in the learning from these metaphysical and spiritual works with a book like - neither a great book nor a literary achievement or a leap in thinking - but it helped me understand the real meaning of the word 'materialism' when I read it in parallel with these other books. I will try to give an expanded review soon as a blog post at


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Yes, there have been many Japanese martial arts masters who also practiced Zen and combined martial arts with Zen. But Japanese archery (kyujutsu or kyudo) probably has deeper historical roots in Shinto than in Zen. The connection between Zen and the art of swords, kenjutsu or kendo, is even more tenuous.