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6 It goes without saying that we had no remit to considerthe disciplinary procedures or policies of colleges, except in so far as wewere invited by Council (from the standpoint of the University) to look at`the relationship between college and university jurisdictions'. The ZellickReport is as relevant to colleges as to the University, but it is for collegesto decide whether they accept the Zellick principles and whether, if so,procedural changes are called for.

4 In December 1994 the CVCP (Committee of Vice-Chancellorsand Principals) published notes of guidance for universities entitled StudentDisciplinary Procedures, prepared by a task force under the chairmanship ofProfessor G.J. Zellick, Principal of Queen Mary and Westfield College,University of London (`The Zellick Report'). We found this report very usefulas a benchmark in considering the University's disciplinary procedures.5 We draw attention to the scope of our terms of referencebecause some reactions suggest an expectation that our report should have gonewider than it does.


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Universities are not bound by the Zellick report, but its influence is clear: many universities have policies not to take any action in sexual violence cases unless a student goes to the police.