• Nene Thomas's "Tais - Remorse" from Zarryiostrom
  • Marionette is the third book of the Zarryiostrom series by Nene Thomas and Steven Plagman and it is AWESOME!.
  • Zarryiostrom
  • This beautiful print features a new character from “The Zarryiostrom”, Dragon Witch Cassiramaithris, Queen of Assassins.

Marionette (The Zarryiostrom Book 3)

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Usurper is the second book in the Zarryiostrom (which is a heck of a word to spell LOL) series by Nene Thomas and Steven Plagman. This volume continues the stories of the noble houses of the kingdoms of Illymar and Dakkadia. The second book focuses on the civil war in Illymar between Ethan and his uncle Ascham. It also focuses much more on the young mage Chesare and her challenges being both a Princess and a mage.

The first three novels of the Zarryiostrom, Powerborn, Usurper, and Marionette, have been already been released as self-published works, with the fourth book, Tyro, due to be released by the end of the year. Her artwork can be found on products all around the world, including puzzles and calendars in Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Target, and other retail outlets. When she isn’t working on new projects, she enjoys watching movies (Team Cap!), watching television (go Flash!) and reading Regency romance novels. Currently, she lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and their eight cats.


ink and watercolor of Princess Lyrahe Ilvanna from the Zarryiostrom

2500 Years ago, a race of immortal Powerborn known as the Lyx dominated the world, enslaving all of the lesser races and pushing the world itself to the breaking point. At the height of the Lyx’s power, Fate intervened and unleashed the most dangerous weapon in its arsenal: the force of nature known as the Harbinger.

Though its power is nearly limitless, the Harbinger is purely a weapon of last resort, and once it has been released it cannot be controlled--it can only be destroyed. Furthermore, there is only a single opportunity to stop it before it completes its destiny and destroys the world, and that opportunity is granted to only one being: the Champion.

In the Valley of Fire, the legendary battle in which the Lyx were consumed in the fires of the Harbinger, the Champion struck down his foe and saved the world from destruction, but not before it could set into motion a new cycle of destruction which will lead to the rise of the next Harbinger.

In the years since the fall of the Lyx, an empire built by Zarryiosiad, the Powerborn who successfully led humanity in a 400 year-long war against the Lyx, has splintered into warring countries. The island nation of Illymar, wealthiest of the countries and the one-time home of Zarryiosiad herself, has seen its fortunes decline and its position weaken to complacency and corruption within.

Ambitious and warlike Dakkadia wants to capitalize upon Illymar’s weakness to expand its territory and influence using their new weapons of war, but standing in their way are the Ferralin Empire, and the Mage Guard of Ithram, an army of Powerborn sworn to uphold peace on behalf of the Zarryiostrom, the church formed in the name of humanity’s greatest heroine.

And watching from the shadows is an ancient race of immortals who quietly shape events, working toward a purpose all their own as a threat more terrifying than the Lyx lies in wait.

POWERBORN is the first book of “The Zarryiostrom” an ambitious new series written and illustrated by fantasy artist Nene Tina Thomas, and her husband Steven C. Plagman.