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Super Djata


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Traditional and original string music of Mali from the Head of the National Ballet of Mali.


Zani Diabate was born in 1949 to a Griot family. He began studying Dununba during the last years of colonization at the age of ten. In 1961, Mali's first year of Independence, at the age of twelve, Zani was performing with Troupe Foklorique, The Ensemble Instrumental and the Orchestre National. By 1963, Zani was becoming renowned as a percussionist, dancer, comedian, and a choreographer. He specialized in playing Djembe, Bongulo, Chun, and Dununba. As the years progressed, Zani became an expert on all the instruments available in Mali. In 1966, Zani first learned to play guitar. That same year he took part in the Festival Des Artes Negre, in Dakar. During the early seventies, he formed several bands, but it was not until the mid-seventies that Zani and his friends, Badian Kouate, (Bass), Daouda Sangare, (Singer), Allou Fame, (Kamelan Engoni), performed at the Club Sportif (now Carrefour Des Jeunes). From these sessions the famous Super Djata Band was formed, which currently continues to play both inside and outside of Mali.

Play List:

1. Kanunyogo - God Created Inequality Between People
2. Boninka - My Lover From Bogoni is Away
3. Denninye - Smile to Me
4. Kolakoma - Instrumental
5. Bajeroo - Only a Fool Will Challenge You
6. Jarabi - Love
7. Diya Nye Mogo - My Lover
8. Takanani - Instrumental
9. Kele Amandi - War is Bad


ZANI DIABATE, 13 vinyl records & CDs found on CDandLP

I can not tell if these tracks were recorded in the Amsterdam concert(I think not),really the album Zani Diabate (LIVE) Milady Music (10023) is a gem and more exciting than this one.
But for years I have this album on CD and the truth is that sound quality in vinyl is much more brightin ,the technique of Mango to extract digital sound should be very primitive in 1988.
Now I have a Moos rip copy with a brand new sound.
Thank you,again