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Zacar Girard was the of during the and his family's alliance with the and the . The nephew of , cousin of , and of , Zacar met a who became his House's advocate. He was eventually found while his advocate hunted .

Zacar Henderson's immediate neighbors in , are 30 individuals in 11 households.


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Antonio "Zacara" da Teramo (in Latin Antonius Berardi Andree de Teramo, also Zacar, Zaccara, Zacharie, Zachara, and Çacharius; b. probably between 1350 and 1360 – d. between May 19, 1413 and mid-September 1416) was an composer, singer, and secretary of the late and early 15th century. He was one of the most active Italian composers around 1400, and his style bridged the periods of the Trecento, , and beginnings of the musical .