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Yvonne Buckingham Sapphire Original 8x10" Photo #H5107

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Yvonne Buckingham is an English actress who appeared in the films which include, in 1958, in 1959, in 1960, in 1961, in 1961, in 1962. She also appeared in the TV series in April 1962.

List of companies owned by Yvonne Marie Buckingham. Free company director check. Yvonne Marie Buckingham worked in company TIG'S HOLIDAY PROPERTIES LIMITED as Director.


Yvonne Buckingham | Biography and Filmography

When the bloodied corpse of the eponymous Sapphire (Yvonne Buckingham) winds up on Hampstead Heath it’s anything but a straightforward murder case for Superintendent Hazard (Nigel Patrick) and his bigoted sidekick (Michael Craig). On discovering that the mixed-race Sapphire has been passing herself off as white to get ahead in prejudiced London society their enquiries plunge them into the dark heart of a racially divided London and her fiancé’s corrosive middle-class family.