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Nevertheless, the image persists, but at least there are fantasists like French-Canadian Yves Meynard, willing to exploit the reputation towards interesting ends. In his novel Chrysanthe, the notion of escape hangs over what could otherwise be a somewhat standard tale of a youth thrust from a boring life into an epic birthright. Tucked into a fantastic world that never lacks for imagination, the need for escape is an unsettling undercurrent for our hero, Christine.

In these twelve sombre tales, ranging from baroque science fiction to bleak fantasy, Yves Meynard brings to life wonders and horrors. From space travellers who must rid themselves of the sins their souls accumulate in transit, to a young man whose lo...


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Yves Meynard's delightful fantasy, The Book Of Knights, is the story of a young boy whose only outlet from an abusive homelife is his discovery of an old copy of The Book Of Knights. Inspired by its tales of honour and adventure he runs away from home, resolving to become a knight.