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  • In: 趙元任 Yuen Ren Chao, 中國話的文法 Zhōngguóhuà de wénfǎ [A grammar of spoken Chinese].
  • Translation of Yuen Ren Chao, A grammar of spoken Chinese.

Language And Symbolic Systems

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I think recently I've consistently used Yuen Ren Chao. Very often, people are abbreviating, using initials for Chinese names, if they see a small letter in the second syllable they don't use it, and you get one initial. And since Chinese names are so short, there's too much chance for confusion.

For a number of years, Professor Yuen Ren Chao's name has been prominent on the ROHO's list of prospective memoirists in the China Scholars Series. Grants from the Center for Chinese Studies and the Joint Stanford-Berkeley East Asia Language and Area Center enabled this office to undertake the project.


State Bar of CA :: Glenn Chin-Yuen Chao

"I am begining to feel that I am actually conversing with you. As I am writing these lines, it is 2 a.m. to-morrow, and I must leave to-morrow P.M. Don't you think I have done fairly well to have made up this much for 2 years, that means a few hundred words a month to you. No, I've never done that to any man for 25 months together, nor no woman either. Now it is turn to drop me a line or two and say: "Yours of July 13-15, 1920 has been glanced over, shall read it and I have time." "Please don't be so frivolous all the time," say you, "If I had to choose, I would rather think of you as

Mine Seriously, YUEN REN CHAO."
and you replied that I was—that you were—that it seemed—that—well, since I can't reasonably request you to spent several decades with me talking, anyway not of you, I shall not remind you what said in reply to this first letter of mine, but begin now, without farther delay, and without adding a single unnecessary qualifying phrase, nay, not even wasting a single extraneous word that might with advantage be omitted for the sake of simplicity, directness, and brevity, in a word, without any (preferring monosyllabic diction) I shall begin to say what I shall say in this letter of