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If You Could Be My Friend (Venture-Health & the Human Body)


You could be my friend (Apartment Khunpa Cover).

This is an acoustic version which I cover from "You could be my friend", Apartment Khunpa, from album "Romantic Comedy" ( 2006 )

- Thanks to P'Tul and Apartment Khunpa Band, You guys are my idols!
- I recorded this song without the first (E) string of guitar! T-T
- Feel free to comment, I'm just a noob one :)
- I'm not an artist or a professional video editor, just try this for my learning.
- Thank you! I love you all.

Ampmie; ampmie152

"You Could Be My Friend" is a touching song about how friendship and peace starts with each one of us. It begins and ends with an optional solo that really defines the pure innocence of the message of the song. Listen to our young soloist on the recording, Celia Ellsworth, and you'll see what we mean. Throughout the song, an optional second vocal part really adds to the overall sound and provides a nice challenge for your singers with a little more ability. The recorded accompaniment beautifully sets the mood for this piece featuring strings, flutes, guitar, and piano.


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