• Wunnicke, Diane B., Wilson, David R., Wunnicke, Brooke
  • Diane B. Wunnicke; David R. Wilson; Brooke Wunnicke
  • Wunnicke, Diane B.; Wilson, David R.; Wunnicke, Brooke
  • South-Central Timber Development, Inc. v. Wunnicke



The memorial event was held on the 45th Floor of Republic Plaza in the offices of Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell where guests could enjoy the autumn sunset and refreshments. Michael O’Donnell serves on the Wunnicke Scholarship Fund committee along with Russ Carparelli, Stan Garnett, Kathryn Haight, Bruce Menk, Bill Meyer, Bill Ritter, Connie Talmage, Chuck Turner and Tony van Westrum. Guests included former Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Bender, Justice Richard Gabriel, Magistrate Judge Kristen Mix, Jim Coyle, Joan McWilliams, David Tenner, Nancy Cohen, Larry Tannenbaum, Patricia Clisham, and CU Law Dean Phil Weiser.

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Wunnicke, Brooke; Wunnicke, Diane B.; Turner, Paul S.

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