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Many fungrappling-lovers seek like-minded people but the only place we know where such activity is well-organized on the regular basis, is located in Germany. People who like this kind of activity (sport, entertainment, whatever it is) created in 1996 in Bavaria the private group ("Gathering for wrestling"). where women, children and men are helped to organize joint outdoor games, where one of the key components is fungrappling. They maroon and friendly wrestle (or rollick in combative way), in which women and men participate - both married and single, as well as their children. There are no violence, brutality, and practically no pain in such wrestling matches for fun.

People always loved wrestling for fun, but before it was mostly men's fun while women were deprived of it. Now girls and adult women wrestle for fun gladly and with pleasure - it might be on a lawn, forest glade, on the beach, at home on a mattress, etc. Being involved into "light wrestling" activities, a woman get an opportunity to look differently at herself, at her body, emotions, and aggressiveness as well as at her relations with other individuals of the same and the opposite sex. This kind of folk physical activity doesn't have an established name. Besides "Fight-for-fun", we can offer some more: "Fungrappling", "Fighting-and-romping", "Frolic fighting", "Playful fighting", "Play fighting", "Light-hearted fighting", "Combative romping".


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