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Who Moved My Standards? Joyful Teaching in an Age of Change: A SOAR-ing Tale


One private group, the , has produced a set of standards that are regarded by those who support standards as exemplary, especially in English/language arts. These are the New Standards Performance Standards (very confusing name, unfortunately) at grades 4, 8, and 10 in English/language arts, mathematics, science, and applied learning. Usually called the New Standards, they were developed in the mid 1990's by Marc Tucker of the NCEE and Lauren Resnick of at the University of Pittsburgh with the help of teachers who met in large groups to ascertain what students should know and should be able to do.

Download PDF WHO Standard Acupuncture Point Locations in the Western Pacific Region. 1. … when this disparity in location of acupuncture points first arose but, …


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