• The White War
  • You can't white wash me in this white war
  • You can't white wash me in this white war
  • You can't white wash me in this white war

The White War: Life and Death on the Italian Front 1915-1919


2004 – Maurizio Vicenzi, the director of Pieo’s war museum and a local mountain guide whose family had been one of those who fought for the Austrians during the White War, came upon three mummified WWI Hapsburg soldiers who were hanging down from an ice wall in San Matteo which had a height of 12,000 feet, scene of some of history’s highest battles. The three mummies were without weapons and had bandages in their pockets which suggested they had been stretch-bearers during the last struggle for the mountain which happened on September 3, 1918. When a pathologist received permission to examine one of the cadavers to gain a deeper understanding on the bodies’ mummification, the local people rose up to object as they felt it would defile the dead.

In the event of the White War, the supply-laden wooden crates delivered to the cable-way had to go through the tunnel before being sent to the last leg of its journey which was an amazing 4000-feet leap across the via an unsupported cable-way to the front line. The tunnel’s exit had a window beside it for the watcher to make sure the crates reached their destinations successfully.


The White War | Some WW1 Photographs…

When WWI raged, Pieo was the highest village within the Austro-Hungarian empire and was a firsthand witness to the unfolding of a dramatic episode of WWI which is the White War.