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When GOD Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life


Squire Rushnell, a former television president and CEO, was an executive with the ABC Television Network for twenty years. He was a creator of such programs for young people asSchoolhouse Rock and the ABC Afterschool Specials, which together won seventy-five Emmys. He also led Good Morning America to the number-one spot and is the author of a book series started by the word-of-mouth phenomenon When God Winks.

It is not by accident that you just picked up When God Winks. Whether you call it synchronicity or coincidence, what brought you to this book today is worth remembering. In fact, you may have suspected all along that there is more to coincidence than meets the eye. These seemingly random events are actually signposts that can help you successfully navigate your career, relationships, and interests. SQuire Rushnell shows us that by recognizing our "God Winks," we can use the untapped power of coincidence to vastly improve our lives. The author applies his compelling theory as to why coincidences exist to fascinating stories in history, sports, medicine, and relationships involving both everyday and famous people including Barbra Streisand, Charles Schulz, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Costner, Mark Twain, and Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.


When God Winks | SQuire Rushnell | Beyond Words

I enjoyed Part Three of the book the most, this is the section "packed with fascinating stories demonstrating that winks from God guide us through every aspect of life..." I've always believed that God creates little coincidences for a reason and this book agrees. When God Winks is categorized as a religion/self-help book and the theme is universal to any religious beliefs. Inside are stories about a Jewish couple, another involves a bishop, but not all the stories involve religious backgrounds. Most of the stories deal with everyday life experiences. If you are looking for motivational stories about success, this book is for you!