• Brad Pitt in World War Z
  • World War Z opens in theaters on June 21, 2013.
  • You can get World War Z for both the iPhone and iPad for $4.99 in the .
  • World War Z then warrants, a nail biting 7 out of 10.

World War Z

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After our astonishing interview with The War Z's executive producer yesterday, it comes as no real surprise that Valve has stepped up and pulled The War Z from sale on Steam until Hammerpoint sorts out its issues. Customers who already bought it via Steam can keep it if they want; those who don't can get a full refund from Steam support. Valve also admits it made a mistake in releasing The War Z in the first place. Valve's full statement below.

The War Z is an upcoming zombie MMOFPS from HammerPoint Interactive and should appeal those gamers that have sunk many hours into the popular Arma 2 modification DayZ. In the game, you need to fight zombies and other real player-controlled characters in order to survive in the world of Colorado. To do so, you must equip yourself with food, equipment, weapons and other necessary items for your survival.


World War Z - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube

I got animated about World War Z only twice, and neither time directly concerned the film itself. The first time was a heated debate about whether the Z at the end of the title should be pronounced ‘zee’ or ‘zed’ (plainly the latter); the second was my inner conflict during a sequence near the end of the film in which a plane is crashing – I was deciding whether to visit the toilet to relieve myself and risk missing a minute of the film or to stoically remain in my seat, legs crossed. That I found myself leaving the theatre after this brief deliberation sums up the appeal and level of engagement World War Zzzz inspires in its audience.