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The pages of this Special Feature contain publications and resources related to youth violence and the prevention of such violence. Please select a topic from the box at the right under the heading "Youth Violence" to learn more.

While no such community-based, comprehensive program exists to date, strong public support exists for prevention efforts and for reducing the number of fragmented responses to families suffering from multiple problems. It is time for the fields of family violence and youth violence to recognize the interconnectedness of their work and to realize the potential for developing successful collaborative prevention strategies.


Violence is extreme aggression, such as assault, rape or murder

Child welfare and domestic violence organizations are now beginning to recognize the overlap between domestic violence and child abuse and the need for collaborative efforts between the two fields. In the few communities where child welfare agencies and domestic violence programs have developed collaborations aimed at intervening in both forms of family violence, early results are promising. These efforts have underscored the need for collaborative efforts to focus on identifying these families earlier on in the cycle of family violence, and on preventing the violence in the first place.