• Grace (unmerited favor) through faith.
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Unmerited Favor


In this series "God's unmerited favor" focuses on the power of the grace of God. God's unmerited favor (God's underserved grace) qualifies every believer to walk in the fullness of Christ fellowship. These messages illuminate the spiritual value of Christ death on the cross. We walk in complete forgiveness and favor because of Christ death on the cross. We no longer walk in sin and shame concerning our past sin life because of His underserved grace toward us.

For those dealing with depression, hang ups, guilt, and lack of love, regret or any of the like this series is for you. This 11 part series is must for those who lack understanding of God's grace. In this series Bishop Jackson also compares the Old Covenant and New Covenant.

Grace is unmerited favor: to get something that you do not deserve. Humility is a sure way to obtain the grace of God but pride will interfere and hinder God’s dispensation. Consider the character of Noah, Moses, Joseph, Joshua, Mary, and Esther. At some point, humility reigned in the hearts of these believers.


“Unmerited Favor” by Joseph Prince – Escape to Reality

It is God’s desire for you to succeed in every area of your life, and with His presence in your life, you can! His grace or unmerited favor can swing open doors of opportunities and place you at the right place at the right time for His blessings. Even if you lack the necessary qualifications, skills and experience, His unmerited favor can propel you forward. In you will learn about what your Savior has accomplished on the cross for you, and how, through His magnificent sacrifice, you can lead an overcoming life as God’s beloved — one who is greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved!