• University Park Mall
  • A baby changing station is located in every restroom at University Park Mall.
  • All of the restrooms at University Park Mall are handicapped accessible.
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Too low to display

Actually, I am assuming that the old Target was profitable, because Target built a new store in the power center that replaced the mall. In Microsoft Live Search Maps, the overview image still shows the former mall but the birds eye view shows the new big box center anchored by a new Target. One of the factors that likely contributed to the mall’s demise is the fact that University Park Mall is located within a few miles drive of Notre Dame, while Scottsdale Mall was located on the other side of downtown. Therefore, once UP was built, it stole the student traffic from Scottsdale.

In order to compete with the newer University Park Mall, and attract more retail to its side of town, Scottsdale Mall embarked on a multi-million dollar top to bottom renovation, which was complete in 1993. The new development brought an early-90s, very colorful, pastel, rainbow-brite-threw-up-here vibe to the mall; but before this, Scottsdale was already tanking, and the LS Ayres store abruptly closed in January 1992 citing poor sales. It would later reopen, but the 1992 closure cast a pall on the store, and on the mall itself, from which both would never recover. By the late 1990s, the mall was once again tanking; vacancy rates were growing, and national chains began closing, being replaced by either local stores or nothing at all. Meanwhile, fortunes on the other side of town were growing ever greater, as throughout the 90s more national chains and box strip opened in and around the vicinity of University Park Mall.


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Located down the hallway in between Yankee Candle and Wireless ToyBox, the University Park Mall Office is open from 8:30am-5:00PM Monday-Friday.