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Twenty Theses on Politics (Latin America in Translation)


In recent years, emerging social and political movements in Latin America have challenged the neoliberal model and questioned colonialist assumptions underwriting its knowledge regimes and exploitative practices. This has prompted a rethinking of such concepts as modernity, development, and economic globalization, as well as an intensified consideration of the role of scholarship and knowledge production in maintaining or dismantling power relations that perpetuate colonial epistemologies. Two recent texts, Coloniality at Large and Twenty Theses on Politics, contribute perceptive and critical analyses of contemporary issues in Latin America. Coloniality at Large is a sizeable collection of postcolonial critiques and Twenty Theses on Politics a directed political manifesto.

Together, Coloniality at Large and Twenty Theses on Politics represent a strong and important contribution to de‐colonial and postcolonial philosophy, research, and action. They provoke scholars, researchers, and advocates of change to critically examine contemporary forms of colonial knowledge and actively work against global tendencies that corrupt and perpetuate violence and domination. These highly recommended texts offer new perspectives and insights on political action and coloniality in Latin America. They call for further efforts to reveal and produce de‐colonial forms of politics, literature, art, research, and philosophy.


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