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  • Half of TV Funhouse wasn’t funny. Smigel is sometimes great and sometimes unwatchable.
  • This is vid is on the Saturday TV Funhouse dvd, so it’s really not been hidden away.
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Comedy Central's TV Funhouse


Over its thirty year history, Saturday Night Live has had ebbs and flows in quality as cast and writing quality has waxed and waned. While some may argue that SNL hasn't been funny since the original "Not Ready For Prime Time Players" left in 1980, it's clear that the show is currently in one of those dire spells where even the most charitable fans will find little to laugh with. While the live-action part has been struggling, a frequent bright spot has been the Robert Smiegel-produced Saturday TV Funhouse segments; a primetime special of some of the best has been collected as the surprisingly-titled The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse.

"Comedy Central's TV Funhouse" featured shorts and cartoons created exclusively for the network. One example of an animated short included is "Wonderman," featuring a superhero on a "coitus mission" for his "Clark Kent" type alter-ego and a short film titled "Mnemonics, Your Dear Dear Friend" set up as an instructional film to help students remember their facts through outrageous mnemonic devices.


TV Funhouse - Saturday Night Live Transcripts

"Comedy Central's TV Funhouse" centers around Doug (played by Doug Dale), the cheerful host of the show, and "the Anipals," a stable of puppet animals and live animals. The Anipals have their own personalities and neuroses including Xabu, the puppet dog who constantly chases its tail to no avail and Hojo, the puppet turtle who travels through toilets. Doug tries to present a themed show for children each week, but his foul-mouthed Anipal friends always seem to desert him, becoming involved in wild adventures and real-life situations, ranging from childbirth in the emergency room to road trips to Tijuana and Atlantic City. Back on the set, Doug is left alone to introduce the animated cartoons and filmed shorts.