• By Tom ZoellnerViking: 384 pp., $27.95
  • Tom Zoellner
  • Tom Zoellner
  • “[Tom Zoellner's] investigation into the global diamond industry shatters the mystique with all the vengeance of a jilted lover.” —

Train: Riding the Rails That Created the Modern World--from the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief


Tom Zoellner is an American author and journalist. He is the author of popular nonfiction books which take multidimensional views of their subject and show the descent of an influential object through history. His work has been widely reviewed and has been featured on "."

Growing up in Arizona, Tom Zoellner was always surprised to find stories set in Arizona. But the journalist and novelist, now living in Los Angeles where he's an associate professor of English at Chapman University, will champion their cause during a panel discussion at on Tuesday, August 11. He’s heading a panel exploring Arizona’s literary landscape and why we’ve yet to witness what Zoellner calls “.”


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Take a look at this book trailer for Train: Riding the Rails that Created the Modern World, a book written by Wilkinson’s Associate Professor of English, Tom Zoellner, available on January 30, 2014.