• Tin Can Man
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  • Hand Crafted Original Tin Can Man The by TheTinManConnection
  • Tin can man idea for recycling cans. Maybe hang from trees to keep away pesty birds.

Tin Can Man

Too low to display

Shot in a beautifully rendered black and white that utilizes the light carefully so that background locations are often barely visible or outright nonexistent, TIN CAN MAN’s Peter begins the film with his life falling apart. His girlfriend dumps him in a scene so awkwardly written that you wonder if the pair had been dating at all, and if his sudden proposal to her was the object of some ill-conceived friendship. He’s given a limited amount of time to improve on his sales job, an occupation that, if the one attempt we witness is any indication, he’s completely unqualified for, making GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS’s Shelley Levine look like Don Draper.

I did a Google search for “Tin Can Man” and found a few craft projects, but none were as fine as Cathi’s (some were painted, others too goofy to hang anywhere). I’m the daughter of an engineer: I visually deconstructed this guy. Here’s how to make him:


Hand Crafted Original Tin Can Man The by TheTinManConnection

Once the glue (and paint) is dry, cut a long thin rectangle of fabric for the scarf. Wrap the scarf around your tin can snowman’s neck and tie it. The scarf sat weird when I did this (it stood up completely flat against the top can, covering the snowman’s mouth) so I used a few dabs of hot glue to hold it down over the shoulders, giving it a permanent “ruffled” look.