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  • Great man. Love Graham Greene. So good in Thunderheart
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Mocked and ridiculed by the locals (being called a ""), including officer Walter Crow Horse, Ray finds that he has an unaccountable standing with some of the tribal elders such as Grandpa Sam Reaches. The natives recognize Ray as "Thunderheart", a Native American hero slain at the in the past, and now reincarnated to deliver them from their current troubles.

This was my third year in a row staying in ThunderHeart. I traveled with a different group of people each year. Our groups all consisted of 9 -10 adults each year. every year all who stayed in ThunderHeart raved on the comfort, look, cleanliness, and convenience of this rental. We stayed here during the Sturgis Motorcycle rally each year and...


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When Faolan and his friends were crossing the Crystal Plain. A plain were in the daylight the snow is so bright it blinds wolves. They then had to cross it at night. During their traveling the friends see lost souls, and Faolan saw Thunderheart in the lochins/ Scrooms.