• Thomas Oden Lambdin
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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew


Nearly all of theexercises in Lambdin's grammar involve translating Coptic sentences intoEnglish. Translation, of course, is not an exact science. So the translationsoffered below should not be understood as the answers toeach question, but as giving the general sense of the Coptic, for which variousEnglish synonyms, sentence structures, word order, or possessive expressions("the king's son" versus "the son of the king") and the like could perhaps besubstituted. Generally, the translation provided is the one that seemed mostnatural - in many of these cases, various alternatives employing differentwords but essentially the same basic meaning are also correct. In such cases,students should prefer the translation that makes most sense, and shoulddefinitely avoid translations that make little sense, even if they aretechnically possible. The answers substitute some more familiar English wordsfor those Lambdin provides, e.g., "to where" for "whither"; "from where" for"whence"; "relatives" for "kinsmen"; etc.

Thomas Oden Lambdin is one of the leading scholars of the and languages. He is Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages at . He retired from Harvard in 1983.


Robert Thomas Lambdin; Laura Lambdin

Thomas Lambdin will resume leadership of the panel as its president. Lambdin was re-elected to the post after accepting a nomination by fellow member Geralyn Huba, who described his leadership style as being “Buddha like.”