• This Book Will Change Your Life
  • This book will change your life!
  • This ebook really will completely change your life if you use the techniques described within it.
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This Book Will Change Your Life


Is the year ahead looking much the same as the last? Another 365-day grind of meetings, dinner dates, and deadlines? If so, try this book.Part instruction manual, part therapy, part religious cult, part sheer anarchy, This Book Will Change Your Life will help you poke a stick in the spokes of your routine.It's not the soft-hearted kind of book that's

If you start to feel like your life is controlled by your dead-end job and your possessions, you don’t have to get all Club to reclaim it… but that’s not to say you don’t need some kind of change. This Book Will Change Your Life brings just enough chaos and disorder to mix things up without getting you on a Federal list. This funny self-help guide gives you 365 things to do to make your life far more interesting. From imagining everyone naked to contributing to the collapse of a currency (no, not the US dollar) and the very satisfying act of returning all of your junk mail, you’ll find encouragement to do things Tyler Durden would approve of.


This Book Will Change Your Life by Ben Carey $13.40fab

As far as formulaic comedies go, this book would make a fantastic device for the character change. In fact, the book itself seems almost born from the archetype in films of a character agreeing to a drastic change in order to become better, get the girl/boy, or beat that asshole at work who is after the same promotion. Bruce Almighty talked to God. This Book Will Change Your Life will make you write your own eulogy, sweat it out in a sauna, and enter all the competitions at your local supermarket.