• that you’ll be thinking about me now
  • Is she even still thinking about me at all or not?
  • Is my ex thinking about me?
  • thinking time  →

Can You Find Me?: Building Thinking Skills in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies


The video for the song premiered on 21 October 2010, following a snippet of the song being made available on Murs's account. The video features Murs sitting in an ice cream van, and begins to daydream where he gets out of the ice cream van and starts walking across bollards and tightrope walking along and walking down a bridge whilst imagining every woman who walks by him as an old girlfriend including the traffic warden who wakes him up asking him to move the van and the video ends with Murs driving away. Murs performed "Thinking of Me" live on the of on 21 November.

Whether you’re new to Social Thinking or a veteran in using our materials, Social Thinking and Me is the perfect tool to introduce and teach core Social Thinking Vocabulary and concepts to older elementary school and middle school-age kids (ages 9-13). This two-book set breaks larger and more complicated social concepts down into smaller chunks to make it easier for adults to teach and easier for kids to learn.


stop thinking about me… for I shall forever keep thinking about you

The conflicting emotions were driving me mad. I loved him, but I didn’t need him or want him back. But I just had to know whether he was thinking about me. I logged into facebook on an early Saturday morning and feverishly typed his name. No status updates. He’s been inactive for about a week too. Hmm… Perhaps, he was waiting for me to announce the news to the world.