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The Game of Things Board Game

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5. The Game of Things. This game asks questions like “things people do when nobody is looking” or “things you shouldn’t keep in your pockets.” All players then write down whatever comes to mind and the responses are shuffled and then each person reads one aloud and everyone tries to guess who said what, attempting to eliminate each other by correctly guessing who wrote which answer, as the last person left wins that round. The game can last for as long or as short as you want, and the answers can be as straightforward or as hilarious as the players wish. To play , you need four or more players.

While improved the combat system significantly and carried over the first game’s dark atmosphere rather well, it quickly degraded into a sub-standard first-person shooter that had you screaming at people to make their heads explode. Any points in the original game that hinted at a supernatural source were hand-waved away with rather mundane and ridiculous explanations. And the character of Ethan Thomas was reduced to a gruff, bare-knuckle brawling, alcoholic who was downright unlikable (especially since Greg Grunberg wasn’t voicing him). Sadly, solid game-play and a few memorable set pieces, the best involving being chased by a rabid bear, wasn’t enough to save this game from it’s confusing, and admittedly dumb, plot.


This game will not work on your operating system.

Enjoy a fun-filled evening with family and friends when you play The Game of Things Board Game. To start, you just pick a card, read it aloud and ask others to respond with any answer that comes to mind. Trying to remember all the answers adds to the hilarity of the Things card game. Four or more players can play this family board game. It comes with 300 hilarious topic cards, one response pad, one score pad, 10 pencils and instructions to help you get started. This exercise in free-association is a fun way to see the similarities and differences in how you and your friends think. The Game of Things Board Game will have you laughing hysterically with the unexpected things that your friends or family will say. This adult game is ideal for parties.