• The Whole Woman Guarantee
  • Daniel Radcliffe Wallpaper - The Woman In Black (Source: Made by me - flowerdrop)
  • You can use  as a polite way of referring to a woman, especially if the woman is present.
  • Nurses Week 2016 The Woman's Hospital of Texas.

Womann in Silence

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The woman’s immediate response was to ask for this gift, but she did not know what she was saying. The seed of the Word fell on shallow soil, and the shoots that sprang up had no root (). She had made progress, but she still had a long way to go; so Jesus patiently dealt with her.


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Probably the greatest of all mysteries is that of the women's ability to drive. Scientists have been studying for years to try an figure out how and why they drive so bad. The best answer they could come up with is to ban all women from driving. So, far the bill to ban female drivers has not been past due to the fact that there are women senators. And women in the house of Reps.