• The Way I Am Lyrics
  • So I just dream and keep on bein' the way I am.
  • The way I am, don't fit my shackles.
  • I just dream, keep on bein' the way I am.

The Way I Am

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"The Way I Am" is a song by American rapper from his third (2000). "The Way I Am" was released as the second single off of the album in September 2000. It is also featured on his 2005 compilation album, . In the tradition of most of Eminem's follow-up singles, "The Way I Am" is one of the songs for which he has the solo songwriting credit. It features a much darker and emotionally driven sound than the album's lead single, which was "".

It features the first beat Eminem produced on his own, featuring an ominous bass line, a piano loop, and chimes. In the song, Eminem lashes out at people he feels are putting too much pressure on him, including overzealous fans and record executives expecting him to top the success of his hit single "", though in fact he went on to do so with "The Real Slim Shady," as well as other songs. He delivers each line very aggressively, almost shouting them out. The song contains the line "When a dude's gettin bullied and shoots up his school, and they blame it on Marilyn...", referring to either or , the bullied perpetrators of the which took place the previous year, and the resulting media backlash against . The song has also been remixed by featuring Marilyn Manson, who has performed the song with Eminem live on stage. The song reached number 8 in the , while in Mathers' it did not fare as well, not charting on the top 50. In 2005 it was re-released on the album . "The Way I Am" was certified Gold in , selling over 20,000 copies. In 2008, Eminem released an titled .


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Fiercely intelligent, relentlessly provocative, and prodigiously gifted, Eminem is known as much for his enigmatic persona as for being the fastest-selling rap artist and the first rapper to ever win an Oscar. Everyone wants to know what Eminem is really like-after the curtains go down. In "The Way I Am," Eminem writes candidly, about how he sees the world. About family and friends; about hip-hop and rap battles and his searing rhymes; about the conflicts and challenges that have made him who he is today.