• The Apple Watch.
  • I’m on the watch. Go watchless.
  • Light entertainment at its lightest, The Watch does at least elicit some laughs.
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The Apple Watch is set to launch early in 2015, and Apple said that developers would be able to write software for it using a new set of APIs called WatchKit. Today Apple has , who can get started writing and testing Apple Watch software now.

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Those little song-and-dance routines ran us through the same kinds of things that Tim Cook talked about on stage when he introduced the Apple Watch earlier today—using the “digital crown” to scroll and zoom, drawing and tapping out small messages to people in your contacts list, and a surface-level glance at some of the fitness information. We saw what it looks like to change watch faces and to customize them. We experienced the "taptic" vibration the watch uses to let you know it wants something, and it was indeed as subtle as Cook said it was. We just didn’t get to actually take the watch's software for a spin, something that’s kind of integral for an accessory that you’re meant to have with you all the time.