• The Training of O review
  • 6. -organize the training content in past-present-future orientation.
  • All of these questions can greatly assist you before, during, and after the training process.
  • 4. -organize the training content by comparing and contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of one thing over another

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The method by which training is delivered often varies based on the needs of the company, the trainee, and on the task being performed. The method should suit the audience, the content, the business environment, and the learning objective. Ideally, the method chosen will motivate employees to learn, help employees prepare themselves for learning, enable the trainees to apply and practice what they’ve been taught, help trainees retain and transfer what they have learned, and integrate performance with other skills and knowledge. The basic objective of training is learning which brings about a radical change in the perspective of an individual preparing him for the task.

As a result of some interesting dialogue in one of our 4MAT train the trainer courses, Karen Hann, Senior Education Manager, and Denise Johnson, Performance Improvement Consultant, of Tupperware came up with a visual concept of how the 4MAT model improves performance internally and externally in an organization.


Developing On The Job Training - People Development Systems

All our trainers hold a teaching qualification and have worked in the field they train. Our courses are all classroom based and do use PowerPoint as a guide but audience participation and group work in integral to our courses. All learners receive a learner workbook for each session they attend and are certificated.