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The Map Book


Two weeks ago, we published a , highlighting the books we felt best represented the neighborhoods in which they were set. Compiling the list of books for that map had us thinking about what it means for a story to not just be from a place, but also of it, and why it is that some places have an abundance of literary riches (we’re looking at you, American South), while others, well, don’t. And we had seen other maps pairing books with states, but those maps tend to signify the fame level of the books rather than their literary merit; they also tend to be dominated by white men, most of them dead. And Margaret Mitchell.

New. No Dust Jacket. New 2003 Copyright In Softcover Format, The Map Book: Social Studies With Outline Maps And Fact Sheets For States, Regions, And Counties, Fully-Illustrated With Pictorial Red And Green Cover And Possible Light Shelf Wear (2003 Copyright) LR36; LR51; LR61.


For your Rand McNally TND™ 510 & 710, RVND™ 5510 & 7710

In this new growth period of the early 1990s the company led the way and did a lot of new innovative things in the map industry. They were the first map company to start a map education foundation that trained teachers on geography and interesting map lessons and donated map materials to area schools. They were also the first map publishing company to set up a computer map database that could have sections checked out by cartographers, updated, and them checked back in a live digital map library with date stamps to keep track of what was edited. They also solved many software digital mapping problems that other companies still use today. And they were the first map company to set up a digital map page and grid look-up system for the whole world. Many old-time TBM map book users can still tell you what page and grid they live on, even though they stopped using the map books years ago.