• The house of night
  • This reminds me of The House of Night series I read a few years back. Quite lovely.
  • A book trailer for Tempted, the sixth volume in the House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast.
  • Erik is the most popular fledgling at the House of Night, but is still accepting to everybody

Jiao Chuang Ye Yu - Kong Hou (Night Rain Drops On The Window - Konghou)

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The House of Night series could've been worthwhile if it weren't twelve books. Maybe the Casts would've taken some time and come up with original, fun plot events and characterization if they had had a smaller course load. But they didn't, and this is where they leave us: with a final installment that does nothing to atone for its previous failures.

The fact that the Casts felt the need to introduce new characters in the final installment proves their lack of ideas. I think that's what ultimately happened here: the Casts signed onto a large series deal naively, with no idea how to write one successfully. They got bored. They got lazy. (I think I counted five typos in this book, and that's coming from me, a fast reader, someone who rarely, if ever, catches mistakes.) Redeemed and the series's previous installment, Revealed, display a large lack of effort and interest. Neferet becomes a crazy, power-hungry lunatic, with absolutely nothing frightening about her, spending the novel worrying about entertainment, forging a slave out of some poor girl named Lynette. (Recognize that name? No? That's because she's a completely new character. Yep. In the twelfth freakin' book.) The gang is just as immature as always, which is nothing new. The only thing to elicit some sort of emotion out of me other than disappointment and slight annoyance was the presence of Aurox. His "Zo" calling brought about some reminiscence, as I thought about how much fun the series used to be, how much I missed the days when I enjoyed the House of Night tale.


The House of Night Series-Innocence

The wildly popular House of Night series follows new “vampyre” Zoey Redbird as she makes the transformation from normal teenager to immortal while balancing newfound powers against all the traditional things that teenagers are faced with. Along the way, Tulsa-based authors P.C. and Kristin Cast take you on a wild ride through some of Tulsa’s most popular attractions. If you’re a fan of the House of Night series, grab a camera and visit with this handy guide.