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The Grimm Legacy


[…] had an exclamation point at the end of it!) was Polly Shulman’s middle-grade urban fantasy book The Grimm Legacy. Set in New York City, The Grimm Legacy is about a young girl, Elizabeth, who starts working at the […]

Hey, guys! I just decided to make a little book review on one of my favorite books! Named 'The Grimm Legacy' by Polly Shulman, this adorable novel is great for those who like magic, adventure, romance, and even libraries! See how you like it... (:


The Grimm Legacy Book Review - Common Sense Media

Honestly, The Grimm Legacy reminded me of a mix between Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because of the magic and the weirdness, but it was a delicious combination. While Elizabeth is very timid but curious, co-worker Anjali is bubbly, Mike is the jock and Aaron is the suspicious sourpuss. Together, they form a very dysfunctional team. They also receive help from Anjali’s and Mike’s younger siblings, which adds to the fun. Because how often will a three-year-old come on a mission to save his big ‘butter’?