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  • Typically, the Fiddler survived to plague Keystone City many times again,each time battling its champion speedster.

Activities, Reality & Symbol


The Fiddler was one of dozens of villains present when the arch-demon first arrived on Earth. He was the first in the assemblage to recognize Neron's true name, and understood the symbolism between the name and the number 666.

As time passed, the Fiddler escaped from prison again and rejoined the Injustice Society (now calling themselves the Injustice Gang of the World). Working alongside the Icicle and Solomon Grundy, the Injustice Gang fought up against the Justice Society of America, who had only recently come out of retirement. The Fiddler used his hypnotic powers to force Wildcat into fighting – a battle that nearly ended Hawkman's life. The Fiddler and the Icicle later met back up with the Shade where they became the willing agents of Darkseid. Working from a secret base on Apokolips, the Fiddler designed a giant gun, which was used to enslave the populace of nearby New Genesis. These plans also met with failure as the Injustice Gang met the combined might of the , the and the . The Fiddler later met up with his old comrade the Wizard in his new Injustice Society now called Injustice Unlimited. They overcame the security at the International Trade Conference in Calgary, ... namely and a contingent of the Global Guardians and forced the heroes to help in some mayhem. The Fiddler took Obsidian and the Green Flame to London and, with their help, stole a very prized Stradivarius violin. They then returned to Calgary to share in the stolen wealth being gathered by the Wizard but the plan went haywire when Hourman (Rick Tyler) revived and freed himself, as well as when Solomon Grundy was brought in from the Arctic Circle. It was who incapacitated the Fiddler by destroying the Stradivarius, and as the battle concluded, Canadian law enforcement took the Fiddler into custody.


The Fiddler Mech by deadmeat30 on DeviantArt

Calling himself the Fiddler, he traveled to the next stop on theMaestro Bowin’s concert tour: .Driving a car shaped like a giant fiddle, he publicly bested both the policeand the with a gimmicked fiddle and hismastery of sound. To further rile the speedster, he spread photos of thedisoriented hero all over town. Simmering over his humiliation, the Flashspotted the Maestro and immediately arrested him. The police, however,recognized the violinist, who disgustedly handed the Flash two tickets tothat night’s performance to cool him off. Before the performance, theFiddler captured and replaced his brother, first robbing an entrancedaudience, then capturing the Flash. The Flash broke himself and the Maestroout of a trap meant to kill them both, and the Fiddler’s own weapon sent himto his seeming death.