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This is one of the most outstanding bands the New Hampshire seacoast has ever seen, or as the case may be, hasn't seen. Original instrumental music has always been a tough sell in this area, and the considerable success of the band's first release has largely been due to Internet and foreign sales. An old adage says that a prophet is not known in his own home town, and in the case of The Cadillac Hitmen, it is sadly true. Seacoast audiences have an opportunity to correct this state of affairs in the first weeks of May. Go see this band. They'll kill you.

The Cadillac Hitmen's lineup has remained constant since July of 1997. Bassist Tina Marconi attributes this relative longevity to all of the band's members being "equally maladjusted," and to the fact that they don't have a singer. "Most of them are assholes. And for me, it's more interesting to play instrumental music. When you have lyrics, it's like you're telling the audience what to think. A lot of people who go to an art museum can't handle abstract concepts. They want to look at a painting and be able to say 'that's a bowl of fruit.' That's not our audience. People coming to a Cadillac Hitmen show have to bring their imaginations with them."


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Instrumental rock, like any form of music, has to progress to survive. You'll find that any "surf" band nowadays is either still caught in 1962-era surf music (the "Trad" or traditional sound) or is trying to push the envelope. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the 1960's stuff, but I prefer Instro Rock that's modern and reflects modern times. Instro music really has little to do with surf culture these days. If every band is trying to copy the Astronauts, Dick Dale, the Surfaris or Lively Ones, nothing new or unique develops. I like bands like The Cadillac Hitmen, Sandblasters, Hypnomen, Mermen, etc. because they take the classic, twangy guitar sound and make it better, while never losing the essence of the music. It's great to be a part of such a revolutionary album as "Tri-state Killing Spree".