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I loved the Brady Bunch. I wanted to be apart of that family, because mine seemed so messed up compared to their wonderful bunch! I don’t know if I ever have seen the Christmas episode. I wonder if there is a place online to watch it. I suppose U-tube!

People love to make fun of The Brady Bunch, they love to insist that they hate the show, and yet it endures unfazed. They will never admit that they remember when Greg’s hair turned orange or when he turned the attic into his groovy psychedelic love nest. They will pretend not to be aware of Jan’s hatred of her glasses or of being the middle child. They will feign ignorance of Peter’s volcano or Alice’s affair with Sam the Butcher. But, deep down, they all watched. We all watched, and laughed at the adventures of perhaps the best-known, best-loved family to ever hit television airwaves.


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Before we fell in love with the Pritchetts and the Dunphys on "Modern Family," there was another family that stole our hearts in the early 1970s: The Bradys. For many of us, growing up just wouldn't have been the same without "The Brady Bunch." They helped us feel the love when we thought we were alone in our sibling rivalries. They made everyday teenage problems having to do with dating, school and blended families seem like a piece of cake.