• Summary “The Bracelet”Posted on February 23, 2011
  • I like the friendship bracelet book. My 9 y/o daughter would be uber-pumped about this!!!
  • I really like the Picture Bracelets – personalized stuff is so much better.
  • My favorite Klutz book is the Friendship Bracelet one… the plain one.  Thanks!

Lokai Classic Bracelet - Size Medium


Apparently the bracelet uses a picoprojector to show what’s on your mobile device’s screen on your skin. You’ll then be able to interact with the projected display as if it was your phone or tablet’s actual screen with the help of eight proximity sensors built into the bracelet. The bracelet’s own processor will analyze your input and send it back to your device.

Review: Having read many books on the U.S. home front, especially about the shameful treatment of Japanese Americans, The Lucky Bracelet was a nice change of pace in my opinion. The previous books I have read have focused on life in the internment camp and usually concluded with the characters leaving and returning home. There is no such resolution in The Lucky Bracelet. Emi is still in the internment camp, and as far as the intermediate reader may know, she may be there for a long time. With that said, Emi realizes something important about the missing bracelet from her best friend with whom she has been separated: despite it physically missing, its symbolism and jostling of positive memories can never be replaced. To me, this is a great message about hope, given the depressing backdrop to the story.


The Bracelet - Vietnow National

And finally, here are 3 more very from my blog that are great for beginners. The two bracelets on the left are made using distressed leather and the turquoise bracelet used 2 mm waxed cotton. Another great thing about these materials is that they can be used together and look great.