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Teaching from the Heart: Reflections, Encouragement, and Inspiration


Each chapter begins with a mindfulness practice because, above all, mindfulness is heart-centered and invites teachers into its warm-hearted nature. In the West wisdom is thought to rest in the mind, which is considered to be in the head. While in India, where the author has lived many years, the seat of wisdom is considered to be in the heart rather than the head. In Sanskrit, the word describing the energy of the heart is —literally, "unstuck." For at the very heart of our lives, including typical teaching days, beyond limiting thoughts and emotions, there is an inner dwelling of the heart. It brings with it a feeling of expansion that is always stuck, always whole. The practice of mindfulness cultivates this unfolding process. By teaching from the heart of mindfulness, teachers—and, by direct consequence, their students—are welcomed into this spaciousness of heart. In touching our student's lives from this warm-hearted core of who we are, we become true peacemakers.

Forward by Nel Noddings. Chapter 1: The Practice of Holistic Education, Section One: Examples of Holistic Education Chapter 2: Dearest Students: A Teacher’s Letter of Reflection, Chapter 3: Holistic Teaching in an After School Cooking Club, Chapter 4: Tribes: A Transformative Tool for the 21st Century, Chapter 5: Colegio San Francisco de Asis para Niños Sordo: A Chilean School for the Deaf, Chapter 6: Exploring Play and Mindfulness in Early Childhood, Chapter 7: Me, Myself and I: The Paradox of the Authentic Self, Chapter 8: Soul to Soul: Teacher to Student, Chapter 9: Cultivating Curiosity: Inquiry in an International Baccalaureate Classroom, Section 2: Holistic Pedagogy Chapter 10: Practices that Foster Community and Interconnectedness, Chapter 11: Soulful Physical Education, Chapter 12: Nurturing the Whole Child: Is it Possible in Public School Setting? Chapter 13: From Transaction to Transformation: A reflection on previous professional experience in EFL course design, Chapter 14: The Holistic Classroom Project: Preparing for a teaching year that focuses on the pursuit of happiness, the power of empathy, and the exhilaration of being present, Chapter 15: Identity and Authenticity in the ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) Classroom, Chapter 16: Following Feeling During Mind-Body Inquiry, Chapter 17: The Presence of the Thinking Heart in the Language Teaching-Learning Relationship, Section 3: Narratives Chapter 18: Solitude in Teaching, Chapter 19: My Life as an Educator as Shaped by Life Experience, Chapter 20: Just Love: Learning about Listening, Giving and Forgiving, Chapter 21: My Holistic Journey: Significant Moments of a Lifelong Learner and Educator, Chapter 22: Developing as a Holistic Educator: Learning to Understand my Students, Chapter 23: Teaching is a Wild Ride, Section 4 Chapter 24: Teaching from the Thinking Heart: Final Reflections.


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