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Studying Horiyoshi III: A Westerner's Journey Into the Japanese Tattoo (Schiffer Book) (No. 3)


Despite the “No Smoking” sign on the door of the Bunshin Tattoo Museum in Yokohama, Mayumi Nakano can often be seen stubbing out a cigarette as she sits behind the front desk. Her arms are covered in colorful designs — the work of her husband, the renowned classical tattoo artist Horiyoshi III. Rumored to have once been a member of a yakuza gang, Yoshihito Nakano became Horiyoshi III when he apprenticed himself to a traditional tattoo master in 1971 at the age of 25.

Ozuma Kaname has done is again! This is an beautifully presented volume of illustrations of predominately portraits of women featuring the tattoo artwork of Horiyoshi III. It does include some shibari (robe bondage) images towards the end, but is predominated renditions of posing nude tattooed women, reminicent of his second book, Tattooing. The fabric bound book comes in a fabric folder, bound in a cardboard box and is stunning, start to finish. (My scans do not do it justice....my settings are really off. Sorry!!)


Horiyoshi III: Tattoo Supplies | eBay

Based in Yokohama, Japanese tattoo artist Horiyoshi III is widely recognized as one of the most prolific tattooists in the world, with people from all over the world making dedicated trips to his studio for his painstakingly intricate full body tattoos, or shisei. recently interviewed Horiyoshi III while he worked in the video above, where he shares his profound insights on the similarities of a well-planned tattoo to a well-lived life, breaking away from the old in the process of shu-ha-ri, the merits of going the long way round, and ignoring the client in using their bodies as his canvas. Stunning in their complexity, catch the master in action as he creates his shisei while educating on important life lessons for all, tattooed or not.