• When you will talk dirty to me
  • Speaking slowly is almost always more powerful than speaking quickly when talking dirty.
  • Talking dirty allows you to rekindle the relationship you once had.
  • Talking dirty can be done, however, in smaller increments to begin with, such as the following:

Talkin' Dirty After Dark

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Try talking dirty before sexual intercourse begins; this will set the mood and excite him. Tell him what you want and what you would like to do for him. Be explicit, using touch to put an exclamation point on your statements. This will be so tantalizing to him that he will be aching to move to the next physical level.

Perhaps he would be excited by an encounter with a dominatrix, a Geisha, or a princess. You may be excited by a night with a rock star, a king, or a pirate. No matter what the roles, you will be able to use these roles and some ‘talking dirty’ to create a highly evolved, extremely exciting sex life and a closer relationship.


How to start talking dirty in bed

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