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Getting Out & Staying Out: A Black Man's Guide to Success After Prison


programs so if your crime or issue does not fall into this area, you are shit out of luck. I have seen many people in prison get drugs by trickery or by faking symptoms just because they wanted to get high. Often ones with deep-rooted psychological issues are sent to A.A Alcohols Anonymous (which is a very good group). Alcoholism is often only the symptom of another problem; you cannot just treat the symptom and expect it to work. It would be like going to the doctor with cancer and him/her giving you a painkiller and sending you on your way. It might scare you to know that less then 20% of the people leaving prison have a good understanding of the dynamics of the offence, that means there are 80% who do not. To people who are on the outside and say who cares if they get help or not, they do not deserve it. You are right we do not deserve it, I agree with you 100%. However you do not deserve to be or someone you love the next victim of our crime either, when this person could have been helped and the act of crime prevented. My main goal for this site is to prevent future crime, and that makes it worth it. I am not saying that programs like AA or NA or anything like that do not work, they are big assets and very helpful to the offender and any other type of self help group as well. The fear is when you treat the symptoms you do not fix the real problem it only masks it. I am not saying you are doomed and will fail and end up back in prison; you just need to take the steps to find out why you committed the crime. You need to look deeper then just the surface, so talking to a good psychologist who is provided for you through CSC (Corrections Service Canada) would be a very good idea. In my own struggle I did not find the psychologist in the prison to be much help for the first 4 years, later when a new one came in I did find him to be a great help. My saving grace was the chaplaincy; I went there as soon as I could and signed up for counseling and it was not long after the work started. The best thing was he made me face who I was and what I did head on. It took me years to understand the dynamics of my offence, and he was a huge help in this process. If you are serious about staying out of prison and making it, you are going to have to be proactive, you cannot just sit there and wait for things to come to you. Stop coming up with reasons why you cannot obtain this and starts focusing your efforts on helping yourself understand to the best of your ability. You do not owe this to yourself; you owe this to the victim of your crime.

In the video, a man named DeAndre Dunn opens up about how he manages to stay out of prison. Dunn has held a job at Hudson Auto Body in Tuscaloosa, AL after serving time in prison, and he credits work with giving him a chance at a new life.


How to Stay Out of Prison" by Tony G., friend of PMA