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Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners


This requests an approximate statistical tolerance interval that contains at least proportion of the population. Two-sided intervals are approximated by

Presents a detailed exposition of statistical intervals and emphasizes applications in industry. The discussion differentiates at an elementary level among different kinds of statistical intervals and gives instruction with numerous examples and simple math on how to construct such intervals from sample data. This includes confidence intervals to contain a population percentile, confidence intervals on probability of meeting specified threshold value, and prediction intervals to include observation in a future sample. Also has an appendix containing computer subroutines for nonparametric statistical intervals.


Statistical Intervals Part 2: The Prediction Interval

In this article series, we continue to develop and review the statistical interval concept focusing on the tolerance interval. We also continue to use the example from Parts 1 and 2 demonstrating the idea of a tolerance interval to show a direct comparison.