• The History of the Staten Island Ferry
  • The Staten Island neighborhood holds some of the borough’s biggest attractions.
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Staten Island: A Walk Down Memory Lane


(also titled ) is a 2009 written and directed by in his . It starred , , and as three Staten Islanders whose lives intersected through a crime. Following a very limited theatrical run in , it was released on and in December 2009.

It is said that the Indian name for Staten Island is , or Enchanted Woods. Staten Island has, indeed, been enchanted for those who have had the privilege of living there. Somewhere between the city and the country you get the balance that is Staten Island.


Staten Island, NY3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1554 SqftResidential

In 1683, the colony of New York was divided into ten counties. As part of this process, Staten Island, as well as several minor neighboring islands, were designated as . The name derives from the title of , an illegitimate son of King .